Things, our family at Alamo Granite and Marble, want you to keep in mind when considering a Monument for your loved one:

Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

Most cemeteries, especially your larger ones, have their own rules and regulations. Most of the time these rules are provided in a written copy by the cemetery. These rules vary from the size of the monuments, design types and memorial installation fees.Most of the time, these rules may differ from section to section within the same cemetery.So it is very important to know what rules your cemetery may have regarding the installation of your loved one’s memorial.Our company will be more than happy to find out these particulars if you or your family are uncertain regarding these rules and regulations.

How Many People Will This Monument Memorialize:

Often monuments memorialize one person (a single monument) or two people (a double monument) It is important to keep in mind to select a monument and design which will insure that each individual’s memory is provided for in that design.

Surrounding Memorials:

Many families choose to select a size, design type and color for their love one’s memorial that are like those monuments in the general area of their love one’s grave. Others, on the other hand, prefer to select one that will stand out from the other stones and be one of a kind.In either case, it is important what general sizes and colors are in the area as well as the cemetery’s regulations for that area.

Granite Color:

Granite for monuments comes in many different colors.It is important to note that the color of your memorial will have an impact upon the price of the monument simply because different granite colors are quarried and shipped from all over the world, thus having an impact on the cost.

Shape and Size:

While keeping in mind the rules and regulations of your loved one’s cemetery the size of the memorial maters.In fact, when combined with the granite color, the shape and size will have a large impact on the price of your memorial.

Memorial Artwork:

It is always difficult to sum up a loved one’s life on one piece of granite or marble.However, with the use of modern technology, just about any design artwork may be achieved.And, just like the size and color, the artwork will have an impact on the price.With memorials, the sky is the limit.There are memorials that have been shaped into almost anything imaginable. Some memorials contain extensive laser etching while others have porcelain photos on them.When forming your ideas for your loved one’s memorial it is helpful to think about things that were most important to the person you are memorializing and discuss your ideas and budget with one of our company representatives.


Epitaphs are simply sayings that come to mind when thinking of a loved one.Popular epitaphs include Bible versus, proverbs, song lyrics or maybe personal sayings.Epitaphs are optional and do not need to be on a loved one’s monument but look nice when families choose to have them.




Length of Time:

All individuals and families grieve differently.Some prefer to purchase their loved one’s memorial immediately upon death while others prefer to wait until their emotions have settled.A loved one’s memorial is a major purchase and should be considered only when you feel ready to discuss your ideas and are confident enough to make a final decision.Our company is all to familiar with the difficult time your family is facing. However, our representatives will be happy to assist you and your family in selecting the right memorial to “Pay Tribute” to your loved one for eternity.